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Providing clear solutions to today’s complex tax matters

At Sacco & Associates, LLC tax work is our focus and discipline. Whether you need help preparing a tax return or a comprehensive tax planning strategy, we are ready to provide you with the tax solution you need. We assist individuals and businesses solve their tax issues.

Tax Return & Compliance

We analyze the Tax Code to use the rules and regulations to your advantage. We take a proactive approach and build a relationship with clients, providing valuable tax planning strategies and tax compliance consulting all year long. You can be confident that the guidance we offer is based on our understanding of the tax law as it applies to your specific situation.


Tax Controversy

Don’t deal with tax notices from the IRS, DOR, or other taxing authorities alone. Our tax consultants have the experience needed to help plan and manage the dispute resolution process. Sacco & Associates, LLC applies new techniques and procedures to stay ahead of your issues, resolving disputes at the lowest level possible to reduce your overall costs. We offer a full range of tax representation services related to IRS and DOR issues to help resolve a wide spectrum of tax controversy problems.


Intensive Tax Planning

At Sacco & Associates, LLC, we combine our tax expertise with our deep industry knowledge to help clients realize planning opportunities and meet their tax compliance responsibilities. Throughout the year, our business and individual tax planning services allow clients to mange their earnings and minimize their tax liabilities. We constantly monitor our clients’ changing financial positions and the Tax Code for new regulations that affect them.


College Financial Aid Assistance

Stressed and frustrated by the financial aid application process? We are ready to help minimize the frustration that this process can bring. We identify the appropriate forms, collect and organize the required tax data, help prepare and submit the aid applications, and evaluate financial aid packages from each college.


Advisory Services

The growth in the complexity of the tax laws has affected businesses and individuals alike, making it difficult for many businesses to advise their clients on tax matters and difficult for individuals to respond to audit or collection matters. Whether you’re a business or an individual, our tax consultants can provide litigation support and advisory services so that you receive the same high level of service that a “Big Four” accounting firm provides. We can assess your situation and then plan an appropriate response.



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