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Why Clients Trust Sacco & Associates

We have always found your service to be accurate and beneficial, both to my business and to our family. You never take more than a couple of days to complete our tax returns each year, which is amazing given your workload. We have always trusted that you are doing your very best work for us and we have come to rely on you for your excellent service and counsel.

Laura M. Foley, Owner

Laura M. Foley Design
Tax laws and regulations regarding estate planning are complex. With Mike, we are very comfortable knowing that these complex areas have been addressed far better and much more efficiently than we could ever have done on our own.

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Baran

I and other attorneys in my firm have referred a number of our clients to Mike over the years, and in every case he has provided excellent service while obtaining favorable results for the client. I recommend Michael Sacco without hesitation to any individual or business looking for expert assistance with their accounting, tax or compliance matters.

Christopher G. Mehne, Esq.

Bowditch & Dewey, LLP
Michael is personable, honest, highly knowledgeable, and forthright in helping his customers. He is fair with pricing of monthly and emergency servicing. I highly recommend this firm every time a question is raised about tax filing or accounting.

Kevin L. Mercadante, President

Mercadante Funeral Home & Chapel
I have utilized the extensive resources of Sacco & Associates, LLC for both my business and personal tax needs for the past 20 plus years! Their breath of knowledge and expertise has allowed me to concentrate on developing my business strategies and growing my client list without having to become a tax expert in my spare time.

Kevin LaMarche, President

Cohort Strategies
One of the best decisions I ever made was to choose Mike Sacco as my representative for an IRS audit. Mike thoroughly explained the audit process every step of the way and used his deft knowledge and experience to navigate the best outcome possible. He staunchly advocated for me and turned a perceived scary process into a smooth one.

Kevin Huard, Owner

Yesterday’s Legends


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