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Why Clients Trust Sacco & Associates

On the recommendation of a good friend, my wife and I contacted Michael Sacco of Sacco & Associates to prepare and file our federal and state tax returns. We found Mike to be very knowledgeable in his field and appreciate his updates on pending changes to the tax code. Mike also takes the time to explain things when we needed items explained.

Dom and Celeste Aiello

Following the death of my husband I was left with the formidable task of preparing documents for our annual income tax returns. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed as both of us had small businesses and this task was always the purview of my husband...Enter Mike Sacco, who adroitly channeled his energy, knowledge, and tax expertise into creating a seamless transition for me. He was always available to answer questions, no matter how insignificant, provide guidance, and offer direction.

Dr. Jean Campaniello

Standard Source, Inc. has engaged the services of Sacco & Associates for approximately 15 years. In that time, Mike Sacco has been professional, timely, and accurate. In addition, his firm handles our personal taxes as well. There have never been any issues or concerns.

Judith-Ann and Edward Keegan

Several years ago I came to Michael in serious trouble with the IRS. They were about to freeze all my accounts, business and personal, and the accountant who was supposedly working for me was on vacation and unreachable. He spoke on my behalf with the IRS, taking that extra pressure off me and was able to get the favorable result I was hoping for.

An Actual Client

Mike is the most professional and knowledgeable tax consultant I have had the pleasure to know. Mike has advised me through some very difficult and complex tax issues (including IRS appeals) that have always been strategically sound and have resulted in very positive outcomes. He is a good family man, honest, fair, and forthright.

Andrew Hettinger

One of the best decisions I ever made was to choose Mike Sacco as my representative for an IRS audit. Mike thoroughly explained the audit process every step of the way and used his deft knowledge and experience to navigate the best outcome possible. He staunchly advocated for me and turned a perceived scary process into a smooth one.

Kevin Huard, Owner


100 Grove Street, Suite 218
Worcester, MA 01605