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Why Clients Trust Sacco & Associates

Congratulations! The work you did for my brother was outstanding. Keep fighting the IRS and resolving the tax issues.

Peter Lemay, Founder

I am proof, you can trust Michael Sacco. As he did for me, he will give you comfort and relief so as to continue with the rest of your life. Along with the assurance that you are well represented, his communications and updates with various departments is beneficial in many ways. The personal comfort I experienced was only outdone by the bottom line.

Robert J. Lemay

I found Mike’s work to be professional, thorough, and best of all, successful. The fee I paid Mike was well worth it. If you find yourself in need of tax planning, tax preparation, or tax defense, I highly recommend Michael P. Sacco, CPA, MST.

Graham G. Merk, CFP, ChFC

We’ve done business with Michael for almost 20 years and have always found him to be very receptive and responsive to our needs. We can’t say enough good about him and highly recommend Sacco & Associates, and Michael. He knows taxes and tax law inside and out and will always look out for your best interests.

David and Robin Regan

Mike has been my accountant for almost a decade. His service has been invaluable in helping me manage my very complicated financial situation involving multiple businesses, rental properties, and equity investments. I treasure him for his timely response to my emails and phone calls, his patience in clarifying to me complex financial issues, and his immense knowledge in guiding me towards the right financial decisions.

Dr. Wankin Yu

My company was getting emails from my accountant at the time that kept telling me I owed the Feds more than predicted. After it happened twice in one year, my wife reminded me to talk to Mr. Sacco. Now things are sailing smoothly again and having someone to talk to about my financial situation and tax returns allows me to concentrate on ACDC. Mike is fact-based, sincere, and candid. I promised my wife I will not leave again.

Craig Van Batenburg, CEO


100 Grove Street, Suite 218
Worcester, MA 01605