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College Financial Aid Assistance

College Financial Aid Assistance

Applying for college financial aid assistance is a routine part of the college application process but it doesn’t have to be stressful or frustrating. To determine the amount of financial aid assistance a family gets, the government and colleges look at the assets and income that parents and children have in the years immediately before and during their college years. We help clients seeking financial aid by:

  • Identifying the application forms that must be filed at each college (FAFSA, CSS Profile, College Specific Application, Noncustodial Profile, and Business Supplement)
  • Collecting and organizing the required tax and financial data
  • Preparing and submitting aid applications
  • Assisting with compliance for IRS data retrieval process
  • Evaluating the financial aid packages from each college

We are ready to help minimize the frustration that this process can bring. Contact us to have your questions answered.

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