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Tax Controversy

Tax Controversy

Today, more than ever, new far-reaching and complex tax regulations, coupled with the IRS’ more aggressive enforcement policies, make it vital to properly plan for and manage IRS examinations in a proactive manner. When the IRS, DOR, or any taxing authority questions your returns through a tax notice or a formal inquiry, you need to be confident that the professional representing you has the experience and skill necessary to quickly deal with the matters that arise.

Sacco & Associates, LLC applies new resolution techniques and procedures to stay ahead of your issues, resolving disputes at the lowest level possible to reduce your overall costs. We offer a full range of tax controversy services related to IRS and DOR issues, including:

  • Pre-examination audit readiness analysis
  • Examination planning and representation
  • Appeals representation
  • Litigation support
  • IRS Service Center matters
  • IRS penalty and interest abatements
  • Compliance matters involving information reporting and withholding
  • Non-Filers and voluntary compliance initiatives
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Responsible Party Assessments & Trust Fund Recovery Penalties

We offer collection action relief in the areas of liens, levies, seizures, installment agreements, and Offer-In-Compromises. With our in-depth knowledge of IRS and DOR practice and procedures, we can assist clients to efficiently resolve difficult matters.


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