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Tax Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Business Tax Advisory Services

Taxes affect almost all aspects of a business, and the swift growth in the complexity of the tax laws has made it difficult for many practitioners to advise their clients on tax matters. Accounting firms with small or nonexistent tax departments call upon us to render “opinion” letters in such matters. In other words, we become their in-house tax department.

Sacco & Associates, LLC, provides law firms, accounting firms, and financial planners/brokerage firms the benefits of an in-house tax department on an as-needed basis. Our tax consultants are equipped to provide litigation support and management advisory services so that our clients receive the same benefits of using a “Big Four” accounting firm. Contact us today to see how we can help you meet your tax needs.

Individual Tax Advisory Services

Tax audits and examinations can be intimidating and overwhelming to handle alone. Responding to an IRS audit or collection matter requires both technical resources and in-depth knowledge. The IRS will request massive amounts of documentation that you may not have. Our IRS and DOR tax representation services can help assess your individual situation and then plan an appropriate response including appeals if appropriate.

The rules governing the appeals process are precise and must be adhered to because an appeal is a chance to restate your case and explain why you should be given another evaluation. This chance should not be wasted without professional tax representation. If you are unsure whether you should appeal your tax dispute, please contact us to determine whether you have a valid argument.


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